Mid-Construction Compliance Inspection (CCI)

To help mitigate risk or uncertainty, our Clients may require a one time or periodic third party review of their ongoing construction project.  A Mid-Construction Compliance Inspection may be requested to ensure that the proposed improvements at the subject site are progressing as required in the contract/agreement. The objectives of the Mid-Construction Compliance Inspection are to:

  • Observe the construction work and establish its level of completion.
  • Assess general conformance with the Client’s understanding of the GC Contract.
  • Assess the adequacy of material and workmanship.
  • Identify and report status of stored materials and if requested, off-site materials.
  • Assess the conformance to the construction schedule.
  • Verify quality control measures by applicable agencies, architect and engineers, material testing laboratories, and qualified construction inspectors.
  • Assess adequacy of the labor on site, and address any potential work hindrances or stoppage.