Cost to Complete (CTC) – CTC is a necessary tool when deciding if a project should be completed, mothballed or sold.

Pre Construction Document and Cost Analysis (DCR) – DCR is intended to provide a client with information to evaluate proposed construction improvements and related budgets.

Mid-Construction Compliance Inspection (CCI) -CCI provides clients with a periodic third party review of ongoing construction projects. Doing this third party review helps to mitigate a client’s risk and uncertainty.

Construction Progress Monitoring (CPM) – CPM provides clients with construction progress monitoring. Thus, ensuring that a project is progressing as agreed upon.

Property Condition Assessment (PCA) -PCA reports discuss all major building systems and site improvements.

Annual Deferred Maintenance Inspections and Monitoring (DMI) – DMI provides a third party inspection to verify that all yearly maintenance is being performed and is in compliance with code and industry standards.

Budget Review (BR) – BR provides a third party review and analysis to evaluate the reasonableness of the proposed construction budget.