About Us

With Partner’s Construction Risk Management group, clients are guaranteed one contact person for all projects anywhere in the country. We have major regional offices with over 25 in-house inspectors all over the country and a large network of additional inspectors in every state. When construction lenders work with a national group, they don’t have to explain or experience a learning phase with each new inspector they work with.

We retain the best talent and most knowledgeable specialists in the industry. Partner’s diverse inspectors possess credentials such as : Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, HUD Certified, LEED Certified, HUD Map Certified, Fannie and Freddie Approved. Our local professionals have been living and working in their respective regions for years .

Partner also provides unparalleled access and communication with 24 hours day / 7 day a week access to our files on every project. You can download reports, invoices, draw documents, waivers, or simply check status updates. As a national group, Partner also offers stability and we’ll be here down the road if and when needed.

We apply both industry best practices and our client’s specific requirements to each project. Partner is flexible and able to complete most any unique project- all while maintaining the highest quality standards, lowest possible fees and fast turnaround times.


Our Director of Construction Risk Management, Mr. Terry Dungan, has over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial construction as well as land development, managing projects throughout the continental United States and Canada. Mr. Dungan has successfully managed single and multi-site projects encompassing a broad range of property types including retail, office, industrial (ROI), multi-family residential, hospitality, assisted living and special use. More specifically, Mr. Dungan has extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Risk Mitigation
  • Construction Fund Control
  • Construction Compliance
  • Construction Contract, Plan and Cost Analysis

In addition, Mr. Dungan has provided consulting services to clients such as Wells Fargo Bank, Merrill Lynch, RAIT Financial and multiple other Construction Lenders as a third party inspector, reporting on construction progress, budget and schedule staus along with code compliance.

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