Pre Construction Document and Cost Analysis (DCR)

A third party review of proposed construction is more of a necessity than ever before. The review and analysis process is intended to provide our Client with information to evaluate proposed construction improvements and related budgets. The objectives of the construction analysis are to:

  • Identify the overall scope of the construction/renovation work.
  • Review the completeness and adequacy of construction documents, i.e. plans and specification, contract agreements, etc.
  • Opine on the budget to complete provided by the borrower.
  • Confirm that the cost breakdown submitted by the borrower (developer/contractor) is balanced and usable as the standard for future loan disbursements.
  • Provide an opinion as to the reasonableness of the borrower’s schedule.
  • Review and verify the adequacy of the submitted plans for the remaining work.
  • Review and verify the adequacy of the contract/scope for the remaining work.